Eastern China Petroleum of Sinopec

Petrochina Salawati Project
We arranged importation, custom clearance, inspection, sea-freight to Papua, land transportation from Sorong port to KMT of PetroChina for all the equipments of NGPC.

—BinJai Project
We provided sea-freight, land transportation, custom clearance for their materials, tools, spare parts, equipment, and manpower supplied Service.


Tenth Construction Company of Sinopec (TCCS)

—LNG Plant Installation Project
We provided heavy equipments rental service for TCCS, like mobile crane, excavator, trailer, forklift, bulldozer and operators & helper in LNG Plant installation project.

—LNG Plant Installation Project
We supplied TCCS all kind of gas, like Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Acetylene, and lift basket, slings, shackles, steel bottle, Hydraulic Jack, hydronium cuter, welding machine & rod, frequency transformer, oven and manpower service.